Advanced Business Solutions

The partnership allows both ABS and Certacure to create a positive impact together in the healthcare industry while supporting mutual clients and contributing to the systemic improvement in healthcare delivery.

Certacure HIS, being fully integrated with and powered by SAP Business One from ABS, is a hospital management software designed to help medical professionals manage critical data such as medical examinations, diagnoses, treatment histories and more. ABS’ back-office solution, SAP Business One, will run business administration processes and help clients reduce costs, streamline daily activities and provide clear visibility into key business statistics.

About the Partners:

Advanced Business Solutions is a Jordan-based consultancy company specialized in the advancement of business processes for SMEs through the deployment of SAP Business One. With mutual clients shared with Certacure such as Istishari Hospital, Al-Kindi Hospital, Al-Jazeera Hospital and Qasr Shabeb Hospital, Advanced Business Solutions proves to be the top ERP vendor with deep industry expertise.

Certacure is an established technology-intensive company which prides itself in providing a comprehensive suite of solutions comprising of Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Custom Software and Web Development.

ABS looks forward to this exciting journey with Certacure!