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SAP Business One Tips & Tricks: Document Generation Wizard

Do you still generate a large number of marketing documents one by one? We want to share a powerful tool that will drastically reduce unnecessary time consumption. SAP Business One Document Generation Wizard gives you the option to generate and combine marketing documents into one single target document, helping you save time and increase efficiency.

Let’s say for example, we have multiple AR Reserve Invoices for a customer for which we want to generate Delivery documents. We can either:

Combine and link the AR Reserve Invoices into one single Delivery document, OR create separate Delivery documents for each base document, without combining them.

To get started, go to Sales AR > Document Generation Wizard

The first step below will allow you to create a new parameter or choose from an existing one. For this example, we’re creating a new one.

Choose the target document you want to create from the drop-down list below. For this example, our target document is Delivery.

Specify the posting date, document date, and select Items or Service.

Choose the base document for the Delivery (in this example, it’s AR Reserve Invoice), and define the relevant data.

We then select our documents consolidation preferences (when no consolidation is chosen then a single document is created for each base document).

Choose customer(s).

Then determine how you want the system to respond to any errors.

We can save the parameters we created by selecting “Save Parameter Set and Execute”.

Lastly, the system displays a summary report of generated documents as well as errors/warning messages.

This tool simplifies the process of generating batches of marketing documents in a simple and efficient manner. For help, please contact our Support team.

Tip by Malak Abu Dahab, SAP Associate Consultant