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SAP Business one Tips & Tricks: Referenced Document

We sometimes need to create relationships and link certain marketing documents with other document types from different modules. SAP Business One makes it easy to achieve this relationship by using the Referenced Document feature.

In our example, let’s say our company wants to make a Sales Order to a specific customer, and in parallel create a Purchase Order for the procurement of the item. With the Referenced Document tool, you can link your cross-module marketing documents, such as your Sales Order document and Purchase Order document, to easily make a connection between the two.

Let’s link our Purchase Order document to our Sales Order.

In the Sales Order window, click the Accounting tab and then Referenced Document as shown below.

This opens the Reference Information window where you can choose your Transaction Type. In our example, we chose Purchase Order.

In the same window, search for your desired Purchase Order via the Doc. Number field. Click Choose and Update.

Note: aside from Purchase Order, you have the choice to link any of the following documents:

Sales QuotationInternal Reconciliation
Sales OrderProduction Order
Delivery NotesJournal Entry
Return RequestIncoming Payments
ReturnLanded Costs
Down Payment IncomingA/P Credit Memo
A/R InvoiceA/P Invoice
A/R Credit MemoDown Payment Outgoing
Purchase QuotationGoods Return
Goods Receipt POGoods Return Request

We’ve now completed linking the Purchase Order Referenced Document to our Sales Order.

In the same window of our Sales Order, we can open the Relationship Map and choose Marketing Document: Referenced Documents in the drop-down menu to view the connection we’ve created.

The relationship between the two marketing documents can be seen through the dashed line in red. At one end there is an arrow indicating where the reference was made, and on the opposite side we can see the referenced document (PO document).

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Tip by Muhammad Lubani, SAP Consultant