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SAP Business One Tips & Tricks

Alerts are defined to automatically send emails to users to notify them of a certain event, giving them the ability to better manage and monitor key business processes.

Set up alerts per user in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Configuring alert in SAP Business One

Main Menu > Administration > System initialization > General Settings > Services Tab

Select “Send alerts for activities scheduled today”

Select “Display inbox when new message arrives”

Select “Enable Alert Service”

Enter appropriate duration in “Update Messages” field

STEP 2: Defining user’s email address

Main Menu > Administration > Setup > General > Users

Enter the user’s email address.

STEP 3: Defining and activating alert

Main Menu > Administration > Alerts Management

Search SAP pre-defined alerts and select one.

OR, if you have an existing user defined query:

Switch to add mode by pressing Ctrl + A to define your own alert

Name the new alert

Set the priority

Activate it by selecting ‘Active’ check box

Click on ‘Open Saved Query’ to select an existing user defined query.

Then, set the frequency of the alert.

Lastly, select “Internal” and “Email” in the column check boxes next to the user you would like to notify.

Deactivating alert

All you have to do is locate the alert and remove the tick from ‘Active’ option in alert definition window.

Tip by Oday Almuhareb, SAP Consultant