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SAP Business One Tips & Tricks: Reference Field Links Setup

Have you ever wished you had the flexibility to choose what information is added to automatic journal entries created by documents? This tip will help you do just that. Reference Field Links contain document specific or additional references, which can be used for better visibility and reporting.

To configure what information migrates to journal entries from the related documents, head to:

Administration > Setup > General > Reference Field Links

For example, let’s say we would like to see the relevant Sales Employee from the AR Invoice in our journal entry.

After opening the Reference Field Links window, double-click on “A/R Invoices”.

From here, we can modify all the reference fields that display at the header and row level of the journal entry.

In our example, we select Sales Employee in “Reference 2 – Row”.

Click Update, then OK.

When the AR Invoice is posted, the Sales Employee (Bill Levine in our example) from the document is copied over to the journal entry.

Tip by Izeddin Abuali, Senior SAP Consultant.