Customer Portal

Real-Time Integration With SAP Business One

Account details are pulled in real-time from SAP Business One, ensuring customers view the most recent data and transactions.

Provide 24/7 Self-Service To Customers

Customers can easily place orders, view profile information, sales order histories, check on service calls, and access billing and payment information.

Manage Your Orders With The Order Pad

With an easy-to-use Order Pad interface, your customers can add items to an order and instantly re-order at their convenience.

Branded To Reflect Your Business

With a customizable front-end, the Customer Portal provides another opportunity to continuously build your brand, while providing you with new marketing opportunities.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual Support

Customers can make payments, view reports, balances, invoices and pricing in any currency they’re comfortable with. Use our Multi-lingual support feature to choose to display Customer Portal content in different languages.

Ensure Secure Access

Unique user name and password protected access to customer information and account details. End user can request forgotten passwords to be reset.

Reduce Administration Costs

Providing customers with 24×7 access to their own data means that companies can move to move in a paperless direction, reducing time and material related to accounting and service.