HANA and In-Memory Computing

In today’s world of big data, we all need instant analytics where and when we want it. SAP Business One 9.1 HANA is the answer.

Get big company performance at a small company price – with SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA. This small business management software, powered by our in-memory computing platform, can help you supercharge application performance and analyze massive volumes of data in real time – without complicating your IT landscape.


✓    Run your entire business with a single solution that will scale as you grow

✓    Drive measurable performance gains in all of your key business processes

✓    Generate interactive reports in seconds – and get the real-time insight needed to boost profits

✓    Choose to deploy either on-premise or in the cloud hosted by an SAP partner


The team at ABS has recently implemented SAP Business One 9.1 HANA –  what an incredible functionality. Let’s start by discussing the new KPI’s, dashboards and widgets available in the role based cockpit view. The cockpit view includes the ability to add HTML 5 widgets, KPIs, recent updates, “my workbench” and more.

Let’s look at this functionality in more detail.


✓    SAP Business One 9.1 HANA Cockpit – KPI’s, widgets and dashboard reporting

Users can create their own role based cockpit views of KPI’s, dashboards and widgets in SAP Business One 9.1 HANA. Alternatively a user can choose from one of the standard SAP cockpit views – Sales, Purchasing, Finance and Inventory are standard available cockpit views. This will give the sales team access to all Sales widgets and KPI’s.

✓    Enterprise Search

The SAP Business One 9.1 HANA enterprise search gives users new ways to find the information they want quickly – at the click of a button. The HANA Enterprise Search allows users to search the entire SAP Business One database for documents, master data and related information – using SAP Business One HANA technology to return the search results in milliseconds. Users can also save frequent searches by creating a search template for later use.

✓    Workbench

A standardized work process. Workflow and a whole lot more. A user can click on the icons to open transactions directly from the HANA workbench. Users can also access additional functions and tasks by clicking on the context menu options (blue dot) – launch actions from the workbench to help with daily tasks. Click on the blue dot next to the purchase order function to be able to go directly to an open items list, document drafts report, price report, last prices report, inventory status and more. Quick, easy access to information to guide the user through key business processes.

✓    Count widgets

This shows the number of items returned from a query. For example high value customers or open AR invoices or sales orders not delivered, purchase orders not received or open inventory transfer requests. You can personalize the cockpit to your requirements by adding, deleting or creating widgets and KPI’s that are applicable to your requirements and information needs – giving you the information that you need when you need it. You can set up your own user defined query by going to Tools – Cockpit – Count Widget – setup. Choose your own user defined query and add it to the cockpit – easy.


✓    Pervasive Analytics – getting your Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s make your life easier by providing instant access to important data. Users can create their own KPI reports using the Pervasive Analytics Designer. Pervasive Analytics allows users to define financial and operational KPI’s that reflect their business requirements. SAP Business One 9.1 HANA provides multiple pre-designed KPI widgets which can be displayed in the HTML cockpit. Examples of KPI widgets include Total payables amount due, top 5 customers by sales, top 5 item groups and plenty more.


In summary, if you want fast reporting, widgets, KPI’s and dashboards to give you and your team access to information for better decision making then SAP Business One HANA is the way to go.