Mobile Warehouse

A mobile bar code scanning solution for warehouse workers to manage inventory transactions real-time.

The architecture of the solution supports even dozens of warehouse workers to perform tens of thousands of inventory transactions concurrently against a company warehouse database. All major SAP Business One 9 inventory transactions are supported including pick-lists, stock counting, bin locations, serial/batch numbers as well as deliveries and goods receipts. The client component is a native Windows CE/Mobile application for ultimate speed, while the server component is a scalable, robust, high performing business logic transaction engine.


  • Serial/Batch number are supported;
  • Incoming and outgoing inventory transactions (Goods Receipt, Purchase Order, Sales
    Order, Deliveries, Packaging);
  • Pick-Lists including two-phase processes;
  • Stock Counting, Sales Returns, A/R Credit Memos;
  • Incoming and Replenishment Recommendations;
  • Stock Transfers, Requests;
  • Reporting and Querying Stocks;
  • All Production Transactions;
  • Printing fully Customizable Labels;
  • Managing Unit of Measurement Groups;
  • Mobile client customization with user queries;
  • GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128) barcodes (with select AIM codes).