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SAP Business One For Subsidiary Companies

Running a subsidiary of another company is quite challenging. You are trying to grow your operations, while your parent is over your shoulder looking for updated numbers and forecasts.

What if there was a solution made easy because your parent company is running on SAP? There is – choose the solution that companies around the world are using to easily integrate into parent company operations: SAP Business One.


Intercompany Integration – SAP Business One for Subsidiary Companies


SAP Business One is an integrated ERP solution for both parent companies and subsidiaries. With SAP Business One, you can:

✓  Help the parent company better understand your operations and your business performance.

✓  Consolidate all your subsidiary operations according to the standards outlined by the parent company.

✓  Minimize errors and duplicate data entry.

✓  Save employees’ time by allowing them to focus on their core operations instead of generating reports.

✓  Benefit from a flexible and scalable solution.

✓  Best of all – SAP Business One allows you to run your operations with flexibility to give your parent company just enough visibility.