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Zalatimo Sweets’ Success Story with Advanced Business Solutions

A success story told by Mr. Abdallah Zalatimo during our Annual Customer Summit | 24/04/2018


Recognizing the need for an ERP.

In April of 2015, Zalatimo Sweets had an international consultant that was contracted to review the business processes of the company. As he started to ask for information, it became clear to him that we did not have an ERP system which would offer him quick access to the information he required. His first recommendation was that we needed to install an ERP immediately.


Zalatimo Sweets, up until the beginning of 2015, had been a family owned and operated business since 1860. As the business and competition grew, so did the management’s need for real time information about the performance of the company. Prior to this date, all information was gathered manually and was usually delivered too late to have any impact on the operations of the company. As the consultant made his recommendation to immediately install and ERP system, he was entrusted with the task of selecting the most suitable system and service provider to partner with. Hence the search began.


Finding the right ERP Partner.

A decision was made to purchase an international system that would allow Zalatimo Sweets to apply best business practices and also to have a system that would be able to accommodate the company’s growth plans. A thorough review of the top ERP service providers in Jordan quickly led Zalatimo Sweets to ABS and two other companies. Meetings were arranged with the three shortlisted candidates. The worry from Zalatimo Sweets’ side all along was “ Will this company be able to deliver a complete and working solution?”.


The management was aware of the complexity of its operation since a sizable part of the business relied on custom designed and produced products which had no fixed formula as is common in regular production environments. During the evaluation process, it was clear that a number of service providers that were under consideration had not completed some projects that they were contracted to do. This was a serious concern to Zalatimo Sweets and further verification was required to ensure that the selected partner would be able to truly understand the business processes, develop the system that would manage the processes from A to Z, and then also have the needed after sales and installation service.

ABS checked all these boxes and the decision was made to go with ABS. According to the clients that were asked, ABS had the best credentials and the best success and completion rate among the three shortlisted companies.


Implementing SAP Business One with ABS.

Once Zalatimo Sweets began with ABS, the process was very structured and professional and fully managed and guided by ABS. The Zalatimo Sweets Project Coordinator was thoroughly trained on the full process and was fully engaged with ABS team during the structuring of the ERP system. During this time, ABS ensured that the Zalatimo Sweets management team was properly trained and became fluent in using the system and spent ample time training all users.



After the system was built and the training was approaching completion, a Go-Live date was set. It was July 1st, 2016 for the Accounting department and October 1st, 2016 for the rest of the company. The Go-Live date fast approached with much apprehension and anxiety by all of the Management team, but the support that was received by the ABS team made the process so much more tolerable. The ABS Support team was basically embedded in Zalatimo Sweets and, I think became experts in the production of sweets and pastries.


Post Go-Live.

The support that Zalatimo Sweets has received from ABS continues until this date. They are always fast to respond to all the requests that have been channeled their way by the Zalatimo Sweets team from all departments. The result of the exhausting process of taking an existing company live has been a very evident improvement in the performance of the company. The level of control across all departments has considerably improved and this has led to more overall efficiency. The SAP system that was installed in Zalatimo Sweets has allowed Management to have more accurate information on all aspects; from product costs to purchasing decisions to stock control, to mention just a few. Company staff have become accustomed to operating in a systematic manner which has allowed the company to achieve more accurate information in real time. Waste has decreased in the production process due to better control on the materials used.


Abdallah ZalatimoZalatimo Sweets Co. L.L.C