Point of Sale

The ultimate solution for a variety of vertical sectors.

POS One is the most advanced IT solution for management of retail store chains. Offering a powerful, easy-to-use-terminal and direct access to SAP Business One database, POS One is the ultimate solution for a variety of vertical sectors.


POS One is developed by Advanced Business Solutions. The platform extends the market-leading capabilities of SAP Business One to seamlessly support retail and point-of-sales operations. Over 300 chains worldwide have chosen POS One’s Comprehensive solution for its power, flexibility, and cost-saving efficiency. The POS One add-on provides a complete management solution for chain stores.

Built directly into the SAP Business One platform, POS One provides an end-to-end set of IT tools for the entire retail organization:

Point of Sales FeaturesWhy POS One is the Best Retail Solution for SAP Business One

☑   Comprehensive Retail IT Solution

Advanced Business Solutions POS One is an end-to-end retail IT solution providing store chains with an accurate, real-time view of the entire business operation. POS One offers a single point-of-control for pricing, promotions, and inventory management. Its rich data analysis and business intelligence tools help organization managers make complex decisions with confidence.

☑   Part of SAP Business One

There’s no “interface” – POS One blends seamlessly into the SAP Business One environment. It’s deployed as an add-on to the SAP Business One software. No synchronization necessary!

☑   SAP Business One 9 certified

It is certified and tested for full compatibility – bringing you peace of mind.

☑   Powerful Point-of-Sale Station

POS One offers intuitive, easy-to-use POS terminal software, reducing training time, and allowing you to quickly mobilize new sales staff.

☑   Runs on a single server

SAP Business One and Retail One occupy one unified hardware platform. No additional capital expenditures.

☑   No store downtime

Our efficient, easy-to-use POS terminals can operate offline. If communications with the data center are down, the Point-Of-Sale stations keep working – and you keep selling.


☑   Excellent promotion and loyalty capabilities

Choose from a wide variety of certificate types, promotional campaigns and loyalty programs to keep your customers coming time after time, and enhance company revenues.


☑   Open new stores in no time flat

No back-office deployment required in your branches. All the necessary intelligence is in your data center. Just install POS terminals and open for business.

☑   Superior inventory control

POS One supplies your organization with real-time information on inventory levels, so you can re-order on time. In addition, POS One pushes stock to your stores based on statistical data – put an end to lost sales!