Al Mashriq Furniture

Established in 1999, Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC has grown in to a prime leader of Furniture Manufacturing. Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC specializes in manufacturing stylish, strong and quality furniture.


Industry: Furniture Manufacturing

Number of Employees: 100

Why SAP?

  • Supports a company’s vision and mission
  • A better control on Inventory and order management
  • Easy to use for everyone (from CEO to Warehouse manager)
  • An increase Profit Margins: With SAP, we have been able to monitor the trend and thereby take decisions quickly. A report of fast selling items helps us re-order the goods on time and in the right quantity.

Key benefits:

  • Integration of disparate systems
  • Manage massive data volume at high speed
  • Ability to monitor key performance indicators using timely and accurate information.


“With SAP Business One, we get more work done with the same number of resources, which enables us to grow while increasing overall profitability!”

-Mohammad Amaan, IT Manager


“It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to work with ABS staff in implementing SAP business one. In such excellent quality ABS knows the processes and how others have used SAP Business One, so by bringing all that together they were able to be a trusted adviser to help us get through our projects on time. The secret sauce in implementing SAP Business One is getting the team and the partner.”

-Omran Abu Eidah, General Manager