Spartan Chemical

Spartan is a one of the major cleaning supplies manufacturing companies in Jordan. Spartan needed a proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to support its financial, operational and logistics business processes. For that purpose, Spartan selected ABS to implement SAP ERP. Spartan today runs on SAP!


Industry: Chemicals, cleaning products

Number of Employees: 400

Why SAP?

  • Easy to use for everyone (from CEO to Warehouse manager)
  • Standardized, fully automated solution
  • Preconfigured business processes, allowing company to meet the majority of its needs without any customizations
  • Easily configurable software, enabling company to accommodate different size business units, statutory, and process requirements.
  • SAP provides the company with better control and valuable insight to identify new opportunities to cut costs, grow profits and expand the business.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve data reliability, powerful reporting tool & delivered fast ROI (~1 year)
  • Prepared for further expansion in a new and emerging market
  • Reduce administrative work and reduction in IT costs
  • Company has enhanced customer service
  • Positioning of company to grow without limiting ERP functionality & scalability
  • With critical business information easily available, management now has an improved insight into the current operating status of the business.


“With all the automation SAP Business One provides, along with its single point of data entry, we cut out so many manual steps that we process sales orders 15% to 20% faster than ever before.”

-Asad Halaweh, Managing Director


“SAP Business One is a strategic asset to management. With it, we can enforce Standard business processes in the finance and logistics departments.”

-Machhour Ammache, Sales Director and SAP Project Manager