Project Management for Engineering, Construction and Operations

Control your projects systematically – including purchasing, resource management and real-time reports.

Project Management for Engineering, Construction and Operations Features


Project costing

MARIProject facilitates the costing of large projects on the one hand, because data is combined from ERP and CRM and, on the other by flexible defaults, for example for the overhead calculation.

Resource planning

Plan all your resources (employees, pools, items, equipment) while the costs are determined automatically in the background of the time planning.


MARIProject supports project-related purchasing transactions and compares the quoted prices on item level. The software visualizes also the current delivery status of each item in the course of the project.

Inventory Management

SAP Business One helps manage one or more warehouses. With MARIProject, you can manage also project-related warehouses.

Time tracking & travel expenses

MARIProject enables the employees to capture their project hours and travel expenses, also via mobile devices.


You have instant access to up-to-the-minute data of business partners and projects via Internet, smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android). Manage different tasks, such as the entry of times and travel expenses, approvals or support, even if you are away on business. Request also additional materials from the warehouse via mobile devices.

Project controlling

Project data (costs, revenues, planned and performed services, items etc.) is managed in one single system. With the numerous reports, such as degree of completion, target/actual comparison of hours, project breakeven etc., you keep track of the current status of your project and have always up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Project billing

MARIProject supports all common types of billing methods: billing at fixed price, billing by milestone or by percentage of completion etc. You can also define a cost limit for the project in order to stay within budget. Documents (sales quotations, invoices, delivery notes etc.) are generated automatically.

Evaluation of Work in Progress

A flexible calculation tool enables you to determine the value of installations under construction according to different evaluation methods (e.g. percentage of completion) and to transfer the value to the financial accounting.

Customer service

MARIProject contains a service module for maintenance and repair of installations for optimal customer service.

Global reach

Construction projects have often a global focus. To meet this need, MARIProject allows mobile access to data and supports multiple companies and multiple currencies. The software is also available in different languages.