Service Management

Complete service management with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One delivers integral Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality as part of the complete application. Tightly integrated features across marketing, sales and service provide end-to-end visibility of the complete customer lifecycle. The integral CRM functionality ensures complete control of customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and profitability for the business.


Service Management key features and functionality

  • Service contract: This feature allows SAP Business One users to create a regular support or warranty contract for items or services sold to a customer. The contract maintains the start and end dates, as well as specific terms of the contract, such as guaranteed response or resolution times
  • Customer equipment card: This feature provides service technicians with detailed information about an item sold to a customer, such as a manufacturer’s serial number, replacement serial number and all service call history. It also lists service contracts assigned to the item in SAP Business One
  • Customer equipment report: SAP Business One shows all equipment and corresponding serial numbers sold to a customer or range of customers
  • Service calls: Allows SAP Business One users to view all service calls entered in the system that were created, resolved, or closed on a specified date or within a range of dates. Users can restrict the report to only see service calls for a specific queue, technician, problem type, priority, and item and call status. Users also can view only overdue calls
  • Service calls by queue: Tracks all pending service calls in the queue. Maintains call history related to a particular incident. Various call statuses can be monitored, and calls can be assigned to individual technicians or maintained in a team queue
  • Response time by assignee: Enables SAP Business One users to follow the interaction between a customer and service and to record the time necessary to respond to a single service call


Service Monitoring

You can monitor open calls and past-due calls using a dynamic graphical report. The software sounds an audible alarm when a call reaches an open call or overdue call limit.


Call Entry, Tracking and Management

As service calls are received, customer service agents can search for customers by item or serial number. Using customisable drop-down lists, you can track types of problems and types of calls, as well as their origins.