In a room full of 160 guests, Advanced Business Solutions’ CEO, Dr. Alaa Muqattash, greeted SAP Business One customers in the prestigious Fairmont Amman on the 24th of April.

The organizers were excited to see a positive response rate as 90% of invitees participated in the event. What guests truly took away from the summit was a reminder of ABS’ greatest strength: its clients. All 160 guests were a reflection of the firm’s strong efforts to remain an unparalleled SAP partner.

The summit all came down to 3 objectives:

1. Responding to feedback: everyone likes to be heard, especially when they have invested in the number one ERP software. This year’s Annual Customer Summit held open forums to allow ABS consultants to interact and listen to their valued customers. There were face-to-face conversations for feedback and insight.

2. Providing a networking forum: when you are using a software on a daily basis, you want to share that ‘me too’ moment with someone that has been on a similar journey to yours. ABS’ Annual Customer Summit is as straightforward as it gets – users of SAP Business One only. This was the chance for the SAP community to connect with each other.

3. Informing guests about roadmaps: this event was an opportunity to sit and hear about the roadmap for both ABS and SAP Business One. And who better to speak about the topic than ABS’ CEO and SAP MENA’s Head of SAP Business One?

ABS customers were moved from “what” to “how” as Dr. Alaa explained the firm’s road-map and introduced new concepts adopted by Advanced Business Solutions. New to the nation, ABS took a step forward and recruited an Innovation Officer and a Customer Experience Officer in attempt to enhance customer support and overall experience. He then presents an innovative and creative method to share success with its clients: ABS’ Loyalty Program. The audience was delighted to learn all about the program and what’s in it for them.

SAP MENA’s Head of SAP Business One, Mr. Suresh Kandasamy, then shared updates on SAP and upcoming roadmaps at the only user conference for SAP Business One users. “98 of the world’s top 100 brands are SAP customers. They want us in their team because they know that our strength, innovation, and reliability complement their businesses” adds Mr. Suresh.

“The Go-Live process was not flawless, as I am sure was the case for a number of you, but the support that was received from ABS made the process so much more tolerable. ABS’ team was basically embedded in Zalatimo Sweets and, I think, became experts in the production of sweets and pastries” explains Mr. Abdallah Zalatimo, CEO of Zalatimo Sweets.

STS Director of Cloud ends the evening with an informative address to STS and ABS’ cloud partnership. Founded in 1989, STS is a recognized industry leader which serves multiple countries such as Jordan, UAE, Palestine and Iraq.

The Annual Customer Summit agenda was packed full of great speeches this year. If you missed it, don’t worry. We’ll be back. Research for next year’s summit begins soon to ensure we discover the new trends for the SAP Business One community in Jordan. We hope you’ll be part of this growing movement and latch on the benefits of a strong user community.