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Enriching SAP Business One for Advanced Manufacturing

Building on SAP Business One’s powerful capabilities for key business functions, CompuTec ProcessForce add-on focuses on the areas that matter most to advanced manufacturers. Integrated seamlessly into SAP Business One, it adds scores of functionalities for inventory management, product data, production process management, quality control and complaint management as well as enhancing SAP Business One’s existing features in cost accounting, reporting, workflow management and more.

Key benefits

Fully integrate SAP Business One with production

While other systems operate outside SAP, merely utilizing SAP Business One's data, CompuTec ProcessForce works from within the SAP Business One interface as if it were an internal part of the software. In fact, from a user's perspective, they will be completely unaware that there is more than one solution at work.

Effectively plan and analyse the production process

Every item and process on your production line becomes fully traceable and auditable. Data about will be available to you in the form of user-friendly, customizable and real-time graphs and charts. Detailed costing functionalities will tell you exactly where you are financially at any given point in time.

Expanded product

Computec ProcessForce enables each item to be assigned a wide-range of information at all stages in its lifecycle. Some examples of this include product characteristics, revisions, and product categorizations. This level of transparency makes for better planning and quality control and reduces human error.


Product Data Management
Bill of
Full Batch Control and Traceablity
Compliant Management

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