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Seamlessly connect your online store with SAP

If you're running SAP Business One alongside your ecommerce website, you're probably wondering how to integrate the two. We can kick-start your integration in order to bring you real-time and accurate data across all of your systems.
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Two-way integration of e-commerce into SAP Business One

A two-way integration of e-commerce means that online orders are pushed into SAP Business One for order processing, and pushes inventory details and quantities from SAP Business One into your e-commerce site to maintain up to date product and inventory information. Your business no longer needs to maintain a separate file of items, prices, and customers within SAP and your website – resulting in reduced human errors and saving in time and effort.

Why integrate with SAP?

SAP Business One Jordan
Reduce time to replenish inventory

Sales in your e-commerce website will reflect on SAP Business One in real time, allowing you to effectively plan your supply chain and avoiding "Out of Stock" scenarios.

SAP Business One Jordan
Process orders quickly

Improve order-processing efficiency by automatically feeding orders from your website into SAP Business One, resulting in fast order fulfillment and happy customers.

SAP Business One Jordan
Automate financial entries

E-commerce sales transactions are automatically recorded in SAP, meaning you have complete financial view of your business at any time.

We can help you integrate leading
e-commerce website builders with SAP.

With the popularity of online shopping, most businesses are now offering the option to their customers. And to provide a seamless user experience, many are choosing to merge merge customer’s online transactions with their ERP.

If your business is running an online store on WooCommerce or Magento, we can fully manage the two-way integration to help you keep up with your online growth.

SAP Business One Jordan
SAP Business One Jordan

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