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The Do’s & Don’ts of ERPs for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

Many businesses struggle during the implementation of ERP softwares; one of the common reasons is that they have relied on the ERP vendor who gave them the impression that once the new software is used, the organisation will instantly see improvements in their operations and profits will increase.

To help you ensure a successful ERP deployment and implementation, here are a few tips on how to make the right ERP solution selection and successfully implement it.

1. What are your requirements?

Start by carefully defining the extent of your project and focus your attention on specific businesses process and requirements. Doing this will help you find the vendor that will be able to meet all your requirements.

Avoid selecting an ERP system based on the price – if you choose an ERP solution that is not a good fit for your business, you will most likely have to search for additional solutions to integrate with your ERP. It’s important to find a comprehensive system that is specific to your industry and will meet your requirements.

2. Don’t forget about mobility

Mobility will continue to increase across all industries; you will want to choose a solution that will allow everyone to remain productive at all times while ensuring critical information remains safe and secure – and our SAP Business One Cloud solution does just that.

3. Seek support & feedback

The organisations that have the most trouble with ERP systems are the ones that don’t get others involved. Everyone who will be involved with the ERP system should provide their input so there will be no surprises during the implementation and deployment.

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