Why food companies love SAP Business One

Over the past few years, the food manufacturing and distribution industries have witnessed a great revolution. As they rapidly grow, companies have to face certain challenges and strong competition in the market. Therefore, business owners started to realize the need to adopt the latest technology to deal with these challenges that include maintaining food quality, inventory management, compliance, and business operations automation.

SAP Business One is proven to help food companies like yours to grow quickly and drive profits. With it, you can:

✓  Control and analyze product costs (raw material, labor, packaging, etc.)

✓  Eliminate waste and minimize delays with advanced quality controls on raw materials and components

✓  Improve planning and communication with advanced scheduling and production controls

✓  Easily track shelf life and expiry dates

✓  Cut down unnecessary expenses by minimizing risk of manual errors

✓  Optimize staff productivity and reduce labor costs

✓  Adapt faster to changing orders with clear data sharing

✓  Achieve higher customer satisfaction with strict quality control

✓  Comply with industry standards with functionalities such as inventory control, production scheduling, etc.

✓  Centralize data by integrating with Quality Management systems, Delivery Management solutions, and many more…

Some of the region's leading food companies we work with...

Discover how Zalatimo Sweets improved visibility
and inventory control with SAP Business One

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