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Digitally archive your documents, emails and files
within SAP Business One

Keep all fiscally relevant documents and e-mails in electronic form and in compliance with VOI standards. Your SAP outbound documents are also archived automatically and are unchangeable. And you can find each document in a matter of seconds using the full text search or the linked SAP documents.
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Archive e-mails from within Outlook

Archive correspondence with your business partners and customers from within Outlook and link archived e-mails with the SAP master data for the vendor or debtor. Or link it directly with the SAP business transaction. You can therefore see all relevant e-mails and the attachments that are archived alongside them.
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Audit-compliant archiving of outbound documents

Create quotations, delivery notes and invoices as usual in SAP Business One. When you send a document to a printer or e-mail address, it will be archived automatically with the business transaction. New revisions are created with each change, e.g. when you alter a quotation or add a note to an invoice.
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Archiving revisions for draft documents

Documents that are needed during the specific workflow of your business before posting can be accessed by employees from their personal inboxes. For example, a scanned invoice can be linked with the SAP document and sent for approval. Without anyone needing to see the original paper document, it can then be viewed and approved for posting or a note can be added to it. In this scenario, a new revision will also be archived automatically.
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Archive document

Add a digital version of a document to the draft SAP document.

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Forward document

Send a document to a colleague’s inbox in accordance with the workflow of your business.

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Check document

Open the draft document and display the document attached to it.

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Release document

Release the document for posting or send it back for corrections. A revision is archived automatically.

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