Substitute Authorizer for Approval Process

Substitute Authorizers for Approval Process SAP has come up with Substitute Authorizer option, wherein an Authorizer can substitute another SAP user to approve on his behalf for a specified time. To create a Substitute Authorizer for Approval Template, follow these

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Partnership Agreement with Waseela

ABS & Waseela sign a partnership to implement SAP Business One across 4 countries (Jordan, UAE, KSA, Qatar)

Why food companies love SAP Business One

SAP Business One is proven to help food companies like yours to grow quickly and drive profits. Discover how.

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Demand for Integration Solutions Rises in Jordan Following Pandemic​

Advanced Business Solutions partners with Codeless Platforms for SAP Business One integration with other systems​

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10 years of empowerment, with a new look.

A decade ago, we had a mission to help transform businesses - we promised empowerment, advancement, and digital transformation. Today, we continue to deliver that and more.

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ABS’ Response to COVID-19

ABS’ Response to COVID-19 At ABS, our motto of empowering businesses is more than a slogan. As news coverage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we at ABS plan to support our customers’ efforts in business continuity. We’ve taken measures

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Track your business and travel expenses with this mobile app

Track your business and travel expenses with this mobile app Are you struggling to hold on to numerous paper receipts while traveling? We’re here to help you digitalize your expenses with one simple, integrated mobile application; Enterpryze Expenses. What’s in

Cloud vs On-premise SAP Business One
Cloud vs. On-premise: What deployment option should you choose?

Cloud vs. On-premise: What deployment option should you choose? When considering to implement SAP Business One, an important question to ask yourself is which deployment method is best for your firm: cloud or on-premise? How you choose to deploy SAP

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Visualize your HR data and bring it to life with dashboards and reports

Visualize your data and bring it to life with live dashboards and reports. Share insights across your organization for optimum decision-making. All with the power of our in-house solution, HR One, and Power BI. What is HR One? HR One is